Once Vanagloria was an enchanted world, inhabited by entities who lived in harmony and peace.

But sadly, that is the past. 

Today Vanagloria has been corrupted and marred by dark sorcerers who will stop at nothing in their insatiable pursuit of world domination even if it means the destruction of life itself.

For years, these masters of black magic have been warring with eachother to seize the Alpha Energy Source. The first to do it will achieve unrivaled dominance over all creation…

Vanagloria: The Card Game is a competitive strategy bluffing game for 2 or more players.


Règles du jeu-fr.png


Take the role of a dark sorcerer craving the energy needed to gain total control over the world of Vanagloria

Use cunning to face those who try to hinder your plans


Play the available cards strategically to overwhelm your opponent in a fight to the last spell!


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