The game is set in the Vanagloria Galaxy, light years away from the Milky Way, where alien races have been at war for millennia to seize the very rare reserves of White and Black Energy. 

These reserves can be found only in some abandoned Space Stations, the remains of an ancient civilization that mysteriously disappeared years ago. 

Every tech civilization sends their best scouts around the Vanagloria Galaxy searching these lost space stations, fighting against eachother to gain possession of the precious Energy.

It is said that the race that will gains possession of these last resources of Energy will become the undisputed dominant race in the universe because, by combining together the two Energies in the right quantities, it will be possible to control time.


Thousands of brave warriors have already searched for success in vain… will you be the chosen one destined to prevail over the other contenders and put an end to this exhausting war?

Build your Board

With 25 game tiles to choose from, every game will be a different experience to live.


Customize your board as you want and get ready to battle!

Three of the many types of Game Tiles

Choose your faction

Choose from six different armies of Dreadnoughts, move them on the board to get weapons,

shields and more units to come on the field.

Destroy your opponents unit and try to get as much energy you can.

The six Dreadnoughts factions



Coming Soon

Order and Play!

Vanagloria Galaxy is a Sci-fi game, for 2-6 players, based on few rules and high difficulty choises, beign similar to a chess game, due to the need to predict the opponent's moves.

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