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Vanagloria Galaxy is the evolution of Cube Attack, with additional rules and better components.

Vanagloria Galaxy is a Sci-fi table game in which the best strategy has to be planned and unravelled through the numerous possible combinations.

Vanagloria Galaxy is a strategic table game for 2-6 players with territorial control elements, set in a galaxy called Vanagloria.

Three of the many types of Game Tiles

Each player is in charge of an army of Dreadnoughts, with the objective of conquering specific strategic areas (called Platforms) to arm, reinforce, increase the number of Dreadnoughts and especially obtain points to achieve galactic supremacy

Four of the six Dreadnoughts

Vanagloria Galaxy is a game based on few rules and high levels of difficulty due to the planning involved, which will probably be destroyed at the end of each turn by opponents’ actions, being basically similar to chess. Fundamentally the result of the game depends on your choices, as a good choice can result in a win or otherwise. This is why you have to foresee your opponent’s moves and always chose the move that can best counteract your opponent’s possible moves or chose moves that can most easily take you to victory.

The game has numerous possibilities in terms of the order of Turns and many combinations of Instrument Panels to create boards that are always different, so that each game can be a totally different experience from previous ones.

The game can also be varied in scale, due to the adaptiveness of the board to different numbers of players.

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Component List

  • 138 Dreadnought Standees;

  • 6 Points Marker Standees;

  • 144 Paper Stands;

  • 25 Game Tiles;

  • 3 Scoreboard Tiles;

  • 6 Token Entrance;

  • 6 Token Bonus Points;

  • 6 Token Turn;

  • 1 Rulebook.

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