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Vanagloria is a skirmish war-board game, which is set in a fantasy world where Virtuous (Elf, Dwarf, Human, Spirit of the forest, Were-Bear and Druid) and Wicked (Demon, Vampire, Orc, Goblin, Troll and Sorcerer) are fighting each other in differents game styles.

There are multiple scenarios, to make every game unique. The warriors of both factions will fight with the help of the wizards. 

Vanagloria is set in an ancient world in slow agony, as in a tragic fatality and disarming sadness, in a continuos decay.

“Illnesses, earth quakes, atmospheric explosions, everything turned into darkness in the world, the trees were shriveled, the leafs lost their bright, the rivers were turning muddy, and the entire life began to disappear mysteriously from the forests.

While everything was burning and dying, two huge factions were fighting for the control of the world. On one side, Elfs with Dwarfs and Humans, on the other side a devil horde, savages and unrespectfuls creatures.

The demons liked to fight in an Arena with the prisoners , for the fun of a show that had one only purpose, fulfill the thirst of blood of the warriors . . .

In the Arena there were exhausting struggles, without respite until the death comes, each leader showed on the field his own characteristics, trying to predict the opponents action".


The Wicked and the Virtuous are fighting each other, each side has 5 Warriors and 1 Mage




The match is set on the “Arena” side of the board, made by a hexagonal grid in an infernal arena.


       - melee combat, using several weapons;

       - ranged combat, using ranged weapons;

       - enchantments.


Vanagloria Arena simulates a clash between bands in a defined environment.

The game is split up into rounds, each of wich is split into two main phases

 - Phase 1: both players assign a specific action to each of their own fighters

 - Phase 2: the actions are resolved one by one alternately between the two factions.


During the game there wil be no dead times for any player.

The ability to choose a different scenario each time in Vanagloria Arena makes each game a unique and fantastic experience, with different objectives everytime.


If you think that only 12 fighters are joining the battle, you are completely wrong. After the cast of an enchantment sometimes in the arena may appear a magical creature and, if you are in his range, you will be in trouble.


In Vanagloria Arena warriors and wizards may be equipped with weapons, shields, armors and talismans, all based on your strategy. For example, if you want a fast movement team, you will not assign any armor that will reduce the speed.


You can not lose the game due to the losses suffered. When a character is wounded, he is not removed from the game, instead he is simply out of play for a number of rounds determined based on the number of wounds he has suffered.

In Vanagloria Arena also the wizards are joining the fight, one for each faction, helping and supporting the team with Enchantments.

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