Cube Attack is a strategic board game for 2-6 players with territorial control elements, set in a galaxy called Vanagloria.

Every player controls a space shuttle army represented by cubes, with the aim to seize specific strategic areas, called Planets, to arm, strengthen, increase the number and above all obtain points to acquire the galactic supremacy.

Every player starts the game with one cube placed on the Planet ‘Starting’.


On each turn a player can make two actions.


You can choose from the following actions:


Move a cube to a connected Planet

Cube armed with short-ranged weapon

Attack an enemy cube inflicting a wound on it


Cube armed with long-ranged weapon

Only if your cube is armed

Planet Cube: a friendly cube enter from your Starting planet


Activate a planet function

Planet Life-up: adds an extra life point on the cube

Planet Weaponry: arm the cube with a weapon

The main goal of the game is to conquer the Planets ‘Half Moon’ and ‘Full Moon’.


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