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Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1

Q: At the end of the turn, do all the sorcerers reset to 0% focus?

A: Only sorcerers who are at 100% focus are reset to 0%.

Question #2

Q: When you assign a magic sword, you play it from your hand or it must be assigned to the sorcerer with the Summon Sword?

A: You assign the Magic Sword to a sorcerer when the "Summon Sword" action card is revealed.

Question #3

Q: Can you look at the action cards assigned to your sorcerers?

A: Yes, you can look at your assigned action cards at any time.

Question #4

Q: If a sorcerer has a shield attached and becomes the target of an opponent's attack, can I choose not to reveal the shield card and take the damage instead?

A: Yes, you can choose not to reveal a shield card and take the damage

Question #5

Q: Can you play another action card still not revealed in your turn when a shield is revealed as a reaction?

A: Yes, after having revealed a shield as a reaction you can play another unrevealed action card, always remaining within the maximum number of action cards that can be revealed in a turn.

Question #6

Q: Does revealing a shield card as a reaction count as an action taken in the turn? Does it count in the maximum number of action cards that can be revealed in one turn?

A: Yes to both questions. Revealing a shield card as a reaction counts as an action and therefore counts in the maximum number of actions.

Question #7

Q: In a three-players game, in the preparation of the objective decks, the 40 Point cards are mixed from the two boxes, then the 4 decks are built (the general objective of 15 cards and the three personal objectives of 5 cards each ); 

Dod I discard the remaining cards?

A: Yes, the remaining 10 point cards are discarded.

Question #8

Q: When a player takes a point card, does he keep it face up or face down?

A: When a player takes a point card, he keeps it face up.

Question #9

Q: Does the first player change every turn?

A: Yes, the First player changes every turn, after the point card has been awarded. The first player of each new turn is the player to the left of the previous first player.

Question #10

Q: Is it a "round" when each player has revealed a card?

A: It is a round when all players are unveiling an Action Card. The exception is the player who reveals the shield card as a reaction, he can then perform multiple actions in the same Round.

Question #11

Q: When does a turn end?

A: A turn ends when:

- all players revealed the maximum number of action cards that can be revealed in one turn;

- the Point card has been assigned;

- the concentrations of the sorcerers have been reset from 100% to 0% and all Action cards played in this turn have been taken back into the hand.

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